About us

About us

Labhard Medien GmbH specializes in media for business, tourism and regional marketing.

The Labhard brand includes the product families Bodensee Magazin, SachsenMagazin and Labhards Reisemagazine.

Our core skills lie in designing and publishing magazines, brochures and newspapers that act as successful advertising vehicles ("resonance machines") for our customers as well as providing great value and an enjoyable reading experience for our readers. Our tourist magazines are premium magazines in the region in which they are published. They have a high advertising appeal and are distributed at a regional, national and international level. Our flagships Bodensee Magazin (25 years on the market) and Sachsen Magazin (10 years) represent a whole series of products and embrace an integrative communication concept. Each of these media fulfils specific communication tasks. GartenTour, launched in 2006, was the first of a new product family, Labhards Reisemagazine.

We also develop successful marketing concepts for tourist destinations and service providers and are frequently involved in tourism projects. These include efforts to market the region as a business location.

Labhard Medien GmbH has two main offices: in Constance (Baden-Württemberg) and Dresden (Saxony). Labhard Medien has eleven employees and an extensive network of service providers in the communications industry as well as freelance graphic designers, copywriters and translators.

Our total annual circulation is over 1,200,000 copies.

Our relationship with our customers takes centre stage in all that we do. We aim to deliver real value to our customers in terms of resonance and the economic success resulting from it.

We embody creativity, openness and a sense of quality not only in our dealings with our customers, but also with each other. Only in this way can we achieve market and corporate success. For us, good is not good enough. Continuity in our relations with customers and continuity in our internal work relationships are more important than earning a "quick euro".

We enjoy working in our company and with our customers. We are dedicated to our products, and accept the responsibility this brings. We are neither complacent nor negligent. It gives us pleasure to do what we do for our customers and for ourselves. Together, we strive to reconcile our own personal aspirations and expectations with those of the company and to embody them in practice. That boosts our credibility and guarantees success.

We would be pleased to send you more details on our company.

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