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A short break on board

The passenger boats of the Lake Constance Shipping Company (BSB) connect the towns around Lake Constance across national borders.

The boat ride itself is like a mini-break: You can watch the peaks of the Austrian and Swiss Alps pass by, while gentle hills rise up on the German side. The boats take you to wonderful towns around the lake, such as Constance with its historic old town, Meersburg with its fortress, Überlingen, picturesque Stein am Rhein or Bregenz, the festival town in Vorarlberg.

Package deals A trip on a passenger boat is a convenient way to visit many destinations around the lake and will make the journey an experience to remember. Simply book the boat ride and the entrance fee together in a BSB combined ticket. In this way, you not only benefit from the wonderful lake breeze, but save on costs too. Choose between Mainau Island, the Sea Life Centre in Constance, the Lake Dwellings in Unteruhldingen, Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen and many more.

Round trips Make the most of a boat ride on Lake Constance on a round trip. Relax and soak in the wonderful views on deck, while a light breeze provides refreshment on hot sunny days. With a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, you can simply leave your worries behind. Round trips in the evening are particularly romantic, for example from Lindau to the Bay of Bregenz, where you can watch the sun setting from the deck with a glass of wine in your hand.

 Historic ships You can also take a boat trip on a cultural monument with BSB: The “Baden” and “Schwaben” motorboats date back to the era of great motor ships in the 1930s. Both are used for scheduled trips by the Lake Constance Shipping Company.

Culinary crossings Treat your palate on a glorious evening round trip including a fantastic sunset. Whether you prefer pasta, barbecued specialties or tapas and wine, there is something for every taste. Alternatively, you can take an afternoon crossing and enjoy a cup of coffee on board. Summer festivals around the lake are also a special experience: The White Fleet takes you to impressive firework displays, while you dine on board accompanied by live music. Every year, BSB offers boat trips to the Lake Festival in Constance, where you can watch the firework displays put on by the towns of Constance and Kreuzlingen. The best views of this colourful spectacle can be enjoyed from the water.

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Cruises across Lake Constance

Catamaran between Constance and Friedrichshafen Since January 2007, three high-speed catamarans have operated an hourly service between Constance and Friedrichshafen. Travelling at a maximum speed of 40 km/h, they take passengers from one town to the other in around 45 minutes, all year round. The landing stages are close to the town centres and tourist attractions such as the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen or the Sea Life Centre in Constance. The catamaran offers ideal connections to other means of public transport. www.der-katamaran.de

Swimming bridges – Car ferries The ferry crossing linking Constance and Meersburg was launched in 1928. Today, up to six car ferries offer a continuous service between the two towns. It takes 15 minutes to cross the lake, giving drivers a chance to save time and energy and have a rest at the same time. The ferry is also an attractive means of transport for cyclists, pedestrians and bus passengers. Every quarter of an hour, bus service no. 1 brings passengers from the centre of Constance to the ferry harbour in the suburb of Staad. The ferry between Constance and Meersburg crosses 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is also a ferry connection between Friedrichshafen and Romanshorn bridging the widest part of the lake (14 km). The crossing takes approx. 45 minutes. The ferries run once an hour all year round (from approx. 6 am to 9 pm). Constance-Meersburg: www.sw.konstanz.de Romanshorn-Friedrichshafen: www.sbsag.ch

MS Sonnenkönigin – Queen of the lake In autumn 2008, Lake Constance acquired a new attraction: the luxury liner MS Sonnenkönigin. This futuristic looking ship is a true sensation. It was built using 500 tons of steel and seats 1,000 passengers. At almost 70 meters in length and with a 1,200 hp engine, it beats all records. The MS Sonnenkönigin is a dreamboat with a freefloating stage, two sun decks and 1,000 square metres of glass windows offering views onto the lake. It can be hired for theatre productions, concerts, congresses, fashion shows or exclusive corporate events. Technological highlights include an extending stage and a gallery on the main deck. The rooms on this event ship are spread over four decks; several bars and a lounge as well as a sophisticated lighting system provide for an exclusive ambience. www.sonnenkoenigin.com

Leseprobe Rubrik: Art & Culture

Constance welcomes Europe

600 years Council of Constance.

One of the biggest events in the Middle Ages took place 600 years ago in Constance. Sigismund, King of Germany and later Holy Roman Emperor, called the Council on Lake Constance together with Pope John XXIII. Ever since 1378, the Catholic Church had been divided by the Western Schism with three popes simultaneously laying claim to the Holy See. The Council of Constance not only ended this schism and produced a new Pope, but the secular leaders present at the event made important political decisions that still shape European history today. The Council also provided a platform for the many participants to exchange and replicate their knowledge and culture; the town on Lake Constance became a melting pot of different cultures. Among the tragic events at the Council of Constance was the fate of the two Bohemian reformers Jan Hus and Jerome of Prague: They came to defend their teachings and were condemned and burnt by the Council.

From 2014 to 2018, Constance invites Europe to Lake Constance once more. To celebrate “600 Years Council of Constance”, the town of Constance is forging a link between the historic event and the future of Europe with a varied programme of events. The anniversary builds on the essence of the Council of Constance: Interaction and dialogue between participants and the inspiration resulting from this for each individual and society as a whole. At the anniversary celebrations, Constance presents itself again as a town of encounters, dialogue and inspiration and as a platform for European exchange. The Council of Constance and the anniversary act as a kind of springboard to communicate the European idea. Over a period of five years, a modern and varied programme of events is being organised with a cultural, scientific and religious focus. The five years are symbolized by five heads standing for five issues that are still as topical today as they were then:

2014 – King Sigismund “Year of the European Congress”
2015 – Jan Hus “Year of Justice”
2016 – Imperia “Living Middle Ages”
2017 – Pope Martin V “Year of Religions”
2018 – Oswald von Wolkenstein “Year of Culture”

Leseprobe Rubrik: Arrive. Relax. Enjoy

Arrive. Relax. Enjoy

Lake Constance at the heart of Europe is an oasis with countless opportunities to take it easy and regain your equilibrium.

Our daily lives are governed by deadline pressure, stress and commotion. We are constantly on the go and rarely find time to relax and put our feet up. However much we look forward to enjoying our well-deserved holidays, traveling can also be a strain on the body. That’s why it is important to take time to arrive, relax and enjoy! Lake Constance at the heart of Europe is an oasis with countless opportunities to take it easy and regain your equilibrium.

Rest your body, mind and soul
More and more people are using their holidays to improve their health. We can prevent illness before it breaks out if we preserve our health by living consciously, and fully capture the potential inherent in each and every one of us to achieve a higher quality of life. All four countries around the lake are home to high-quality institutions that guarantee a relaxing healthy holiday. METTNAU, set in a unique position, is one of oldest centres for physiotherapy in Germany with a long tradition. It offers a range of treatments under the motto “Movement is life”. Because only an ideal mixture of exercise and relaxation, mental balance and healthy nutrition can help the body to generate the energy it needs to cope with the challenges of everyday life. Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic sits high over Lake Constance, surrounded by park lands. Its method of therapeutic fasting combined with integra tive medicine supports the healing process and prevents physical and mental illness, allowing its guests to regain or preserve their quality of life. The 4-star BORA Hot SpaResort hotel in Radolfzell on the western shores of Lake Constance opened in May 2013. The heart of the hotel, the hot spa, promises everything to do in the broadest sense with warmth, heat and steam. In the only Japanese onsen pool within a radius of many hundreds of ilometres, visitors can take part in this Far Eastern bathing ritual while enjoying views of Lake Constance. All around the lake, those looking for relaxation can find excellent hotels with spas, such as the 4-star Hotel Bad Schachen or the 5-star Bayerischer Hof Hotel in Lindau.

Some like it hot
The spas in Constance, Meersburg and Überlingen are the ideal place to pamper yourself and indulge in a fantastic sauna and spa culture. Bathing in warm or cold thermal water has the primary purpose of cleansing the body, but also helps to promote health and wellbeing. Thermal water contains mineral salts that boost the water’s natural buoyancy, reducing pressure on the muscles and joints and promoting mobility. It causes the blood vessels to dilate and improves circulation. After just a few minutes in the water, the minerals and trace elements in the thermal water are absorbed through the skin. The three spas on Lake Constance offer everything guests in need of relaxation could dream of against a magnificent backdrop. Wellness with Alpine views – what can you do but relax?

Restorative prospects
Visitors to Lake Constance come back every year to find pleasure and fun, but also peace, relaxation and healing in the many spas, award-winning wellness hotels and medical clinics around the lake. Once you arrive here, a deep breath is sufficient to trigger the healing process. Take a walk along the lake shore, listen to the gently lapping waves and breathe calmly in and out. After just a few minutes, you will notice a pleasant feeling spreading through your body and your health-conscious holiday can begin. And if you dream of spending your old age on the lake, there is a wide choice of retirement homes, such as the Augustinum in Meersburg or Bodenseeresidenz Lindau, where you can continue to lead an independent life while enjoying professional care.


Leseprobe Rubrik: Culinary delights

All in the very best taste

Lake Constance is a paradise, not only for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and culture buffs. Foodies and aficionados of fine cuisine also get their money’s worth here.

A slice of fresh farmhouse bread for breakfast, a “Dünnele” (similar to Tarte Flambée) to take away for lunch, a portion of “Appenzeller Mostbröckli” (Swiss dried and cured meat speciality) inbetween, and freshly caught whitefish for dinner on a terrace with lake views – just some of the many culinary delights that gourmets can enjoy in the “Fourcountryregion Bodensee.” Lake Constance is a paradise, not only for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and culture buffs. Foodies and aficionados of fine cuisine also get their money’s worth here. Restaurants in the region offer everything from traditional to modern cuisine and place great value on regional products. The region of Lake Constance is known for its fresh, high-quality and tasty food. Treat your palate on a culinary tour of the region!

Outstanding quality
Fruit and vegetables, freshly caught fish or poultry, sausages and cheeses, honey or schnapps – nowhere can you find fresher and tastier ingredients or a wider choice of high-quality produce than at the weekly and farmer’s markets around the lake. The many restaurants and hotels also serve their guests almost exclusively local delicacies and tempt them with regional products, such as mouthwatering treats from the Reichenau, the “vegetable island,” freshly caught fish from the lake or high-quality game specialities. A surprisingly large number of restaurants in the region have been awarded Gault Millau points or Michelin stars.

Wheel out the cheese
The “fourcountryregion Bodensee” is a paradise for cheese lovers – strong-flavoured mountain cheeses from Appenzell in Switzerland, high-quality soft cheeses from the Allgäu region in Germany, a “Surakäs” (sour milk cheese) from Liechtenstein or a wide variety of cheese products from the Bregenzerwald area in Austria. Visitors can find out about the characteristics of the different cheeses and how they are made in showcase dairies or along the so-called “cheese streets,” where they can enjoy the local specialities, find and buy their favourite cheese.

Fine wines to refresh the palate
Wine connoisseurs know why wines grown around Lake Constance are so special. The lake acts as a heat reservoir, creating a temperate, almost Mediterranean climate. In addition, the surface of the water directs part of the sun’s energy to the nearby vineyards, heating up the ground even more. Red wines such as Pinot Noir or white Müller -
Thurgau grapes thrive here. From the valleys of Eschnerberg in the north to the slopes of Gutenberg Castle in the south, the Principality of Liechtenstein is also home to excellent wine-growing estates. The climate is influenced by the warm foehn winds that help the grapes to grow, and the local winegrowers are masters in their trade. Not only
that, the region also boasts an abundance of stronger liquors. Apples, plums and quinces from the many fruit orchards and gardens are refined in distilleries around the lake to create fine brandies and highquality schnapps. At “Bodensee-Essig-Manufaktur,” tasty fruits from the Lake Constance region are converted into delicious vinegar that
can be used to refine not only salads, but almost any dish.

Culinary highlights
In the summer months, visitors can enjoy food and beverages in good company with entertaining music at the many wine and fish festivals. Numerous stands offer regional culinary delicacies such as Fischknusperle (crunchy fried fish), Kartoffelrösti (fried grated potatoes) or savoury Dünnele. They are served with Lake Constance wines from
different estates. Those looking for something more unusual can enjoy culinary treats at dizzying heights, for example on Säntis Mountain. Or how about dinner on the water: Gourmet cruises on the Hohentwiel steam ship, built in 1913 for the Royal Württemberg State Railways, are a highlight for connoisseurs. To mark the start of the game-hunting season, the “game ship” of the Swiss Lake Constance Shipping Company (Schweizerische Bodensee Schifffahrt AG) sets sail with a buffet of tender roast game specialities served on board, along with unforgettable
sunsets. And in Schaffhausen, you can enjoy a boiled egg and muesli for breakfast on a boat tour down the river Rhine. As the days grow shorter and the weather stormier, nature paints the Lake Constance region in magnificent colours. Numerous towns and destinations organize special apple-themed events at this time of year. The fish weeks on the Lower Lake are hugely popular, as are hunting weeks, when restaurants around the lake titillate guests’ palates with regional autumnal menus comprising domestic game, salads and vegetables.

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